Nice to meet you!

I am a graphic designer with an academic background in Art History and a seething interest in all things aesthetic. I've lived in New York, Connecticut, and Scotland, each gorgeous in its own way, but my native and beloved New Orleans keeps pulling me back. I love this place, and I now seek to contribute, however my talents may allow, to the continuing growth and revitalization of the city that raised me.

I take great pride in my Art History background and liberal arts education, both of which I feel enhance my design work immensely and give me a unique perspective. Truly effective graphic design requires not only the mastery of relevant tools and techniques, but also an understanding of one's wider cultural and aesthetic context. To that end, I consider my background in the history of visual communication to be an invaluable asset.

I get hung up on authenticity and craftsmanship, and when I study or admire a designed object I try to concern myself not only with how it looks, but with when and how it was made, by whom, and to what end. I love home- and hand-made things, and always look for ways to incorporate that sensibility into the things I design. I am frustrated by mass production, the recycling of stale techniques and  ideas, and the bland genericism that increasingly dominates modern design practice. Above all, I like to make things, to solve problems, and to obsess over details in the process. The more pains taken, the better.

So if you have a project to which you think I might be well-suited, I'd love to hear from you. Let's make the world a little more beautiful.

Yours truly,

John Rushing