Look what I can do!

I offer a range of graphic design services for all sorts of clients. Read more below, and feel free to contact me personally with any questions you may have about my capabilities, process or pricing.


Corporate Identity & Logos

Whether you own a small business, run a nonprofit organization or play in a band, your visual identity is the face you present to the public. I can help you develop a single logo or an entire Identity system including colors and fonts that convey your company's personality.


I can help you with anything from a one-off printed piece like a t-shirt for your band to complex systems of printed collateral to give your company a unified and coherent voice in all of its public communications.

  • Business Cards
  • Letterhead
  • Envelopes
  • Brochures
  • Invitations/Announcements
  • Annual Reports
  • T-shirts
  • Print Advertisements
  • Album Artwork
  • Menus
  • Things I haven't thought of...


Websites, social media accounts, email campaigns: they can all benefit from professionally designed graphic components. Talk to me about developing any of these things to help bolster your online presence:

  • Social Media Graphics
  • Banner Ads
  • Simple Website Construction
  • Website Components

Calligraphy & Hand Lettering

To add a handmade touch to any designed materials, consider including some lettering done the old-fashioned way: by hand with pens and pencils on paper. Though this option can be a bit more time-consuming and therefore expensive, the results are uniquely beautiful and can be scanned/digitized to be applied to any design.

I also accept commissions for individual calligraphy or hand-lettered art pieces (see examples in my portfolio), which make great gifts! Give me a quote, poem, song or other text passage and I can produce a beautiful decorative manuscript. Contact me with a description of what you'd like done for a pricing and time estimate.